A few words from the directors

Abdur Rouf Khan

Managing Director

Abdur Rakib Khan

Deputy Managing Director

The key factors behind our remarkable progress are: very strong product portfolio having molecules from almost all therapeutic categories, fastest introduction of new molecules in the market, and above all, the faith of our customers.

We have built each of these core attributes in the last 53 years and we are confident that. They will help Opsonin continue to achieve more success in the future. Now, as we are going to step into the 54th year of operation, the company is in an excellent shape and we all are hoping to realize more & more success in the days to come.

We are extremely pleased to get an opportunity to demonstrate how we conduct our business with integrity and continue to make positive contribution to the nation. We are coming up with a new manufacturing plant in Barisal on a land of over 200 acres, with state of the art technology. Combined with modern facilities which will comply with FDA, MHRA, TGA, Pies and ISPE requirements. We want to thank our employees, associates, stakeholders and all other well~ wishers for their continuous support all through the journey of Opsonin.