Departments in Operation

Product Management

The Product Management Department of Opsonin Pharma LTD. has a significant role in transparent business operation based on knowledge based marketing within the legal and social framework. We are deeply committed to meet the needs of our customers and we constantly focus on both inhouse & end customer satisfaction. We believe that, a successful company must work together as a team to meet the changing needs of customers. PMD always focuses on diversified thinking, innovative plan and knowledge based product promotion to accomplish departmental objective as well as the mission of the company.

Medical Services

Apart from a well-trained sales force and a very effective Product Management Department in good shape, Opsonin always takes the opportunities to improve the scientific knowledge of the doctor community and other stakeholders through functions of our Medical Services Department. Through attending Doctor's Query, arranging Scientific Seminars and Clinical Meetings, publishing Medical Newsletters and Supplementaries, providing books and International Journals, doctors are obtaining first-class academic services besides their regular practice. A well-furnished library with recent books and high-speed internet service are other incentives for postgraduate student doctors at the Corporate Headquarters of Opsonin.

Agrovet Division

Responsible for marketing of animal health products and Serving Animal Ensuring Safety Food to Human.

We are fast becoming one of the leading animal health medicine manufacturers in Bangladesh by providing superior services, quality products and ensuring affordability. This business unit is supported by a highly qualified and dedicated product management team, technical team and customer focused professionals who understand the industry. With a vision to move towards an internationally competitive industry with variety of products to meet customer needs, we started our journey in Animal Health since 2004.

Our Agrovet division is built on the foundations of integrity, commitment, achievement, balance and teamwork. To ensure proper nutrition to the nation raising of food animal is inevitable and a large number of population is now engaged in livestock, poultry and aquaculture industry. Recognizing the boom in livestock, poultry & aquaculture the venture aims to make a meaningful contribution to the demand for animal protein, as well as to generate employments for betterment of the national economy. Agrovet has the potential to expand its production base and significantly improve rural livelihood and income. The company focuses greatly on development, production and marketing of innovative, ecofriendly & next generation products. Our Total Quality System pays importance to Human Health Management by contributing to food safety through elimination of diseases early in the food chain.

Devoy Distribution

To available products to each and every customer as per order and deliver the products in proper condition as per customer's requirements at the desired time in a cost effective way and deposit the sales proceeds to the designated bank at the earliest.

International Marketing

Overseas business has always been of highest priority for Opsonin Pharma Ltd. (OPL). After flourishing at a staggering rate at home, OPL started its marketing network in foreign lands since 1985. By ensuring the best utilization of knowledge and skills in pharmaceutical manufacturing technology, Opsonin is one of the pioneering pharmaceutical manufacturers of Bangladesh to export its products abroad.

Human Resource

The Human Resources Department of Opsonin Pharma Ltd. has a significant role in developing and maintaining the effective workforce needed to accomplish departmental objectives as well as the mission of the company. The overall goal of the Human Resources Department is to assist in budding and deploying an effective, diversified and highly functioning workforce. This goal is accomplished through Policy Development, Implementation, Evaluation & Oversight, Strategic Human Capital Planning, System Modernization and Career Management.


Training is a learning experience in that it seeks a relatively permanent change in an individual that will improve his or her ability to perform on the job. We typically say training can involve the changing of skills, knowledge and social behavior. It may mean changing what employees know, how they work, their attitudes towards their work as well as their interactions with co-workers and supervisors.

Opsonin Pharma Ltd. is highly optimistic and determined to develop their people to the professional level. Training department of Opsonin is wholeheartedly dedicated to recruit the right people of Sales, to train and develop, evaluating their performance and finally propose them for the member of the organization. They strictly maintain formal employee training methods both Off-the-Job Training and On-the-Job Training. Training department is highly committed to make their employees skilled and competent to win in the competitive market of Pharma sector in Bangladesh.

Information Technology

Aligned with global contemporary marketing dynamics in pharmaceutical industries, OPL is making extensive use of Information Technology (IT) for strategic decisions and policy making processes. OPL is enjoying a razor-sharp competitive edge over its competitors by implementing Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and similar time-demanded concepts and methodologies.

With the help of integrated software application along with advanced hardware infrastructure, Opsonin pharma Limited has been able to comply systematically with cGMP, local regulatory requirements and other standards which are the pre-requisites of any state-of-the-art pharmaceutical product manufacturer. All the business functions are seamlessly integrated and looked over by highly competent IT professionals who are tackling the challenges of today and keen to fulfill the business needs of tomorrow.

Finance & Accounts

Opsonin Pharma’s financial activities are integrated and automated through accounting software for balance sheet preparation, payroll process, treasury management, product costing and inventory management by the supervision of professional accountants. Financial Statements are prepared on historical cost convention in a going-concern concept on accrual basis in accordance with International Accounting Standards (IAS) and local applicable laws. To protect the interest of shareholders, stakeholders and other related groups, OPL Finance has implemented a well-designed internal control system. We comply with all the requirements of government authorities and maintain relationships with Financial Institutes. We respect our internal and external customers, offering them our products and effective services at all times.


Acquisition of materials, services and equipments in the right quantity, quality, price and time from home and abroad on a perpetual basis is the ultimate goal of us. This is imperative not only for ensuring planned operations of the organization but also for ensuring the satisfaction of stakeholders including internal and external customers.