Opsonin Overview

Opsonin Pharma Ltd. (OPL) develops, manufactures and markets generic medicines for human use. Our value-added products improve the quality of life of people In Bangladesh as well as abroad and help them enjoy longer, healthier, and more productive lives. OPL has been known for long as a provider of quality medicines at affordable prices.

Opsonin has for long been established and recognized as one of the leading, progressive and modern pharmaceutical companies in the country. Opsonin is committed to contribute to the national healthcare sector to a great extent and strengthen its global presence. Modern sophisticated machineries and highly qualified and skilled professionals in all concerned departments at Opsonin Pharma Ltd. have made Opsonin unique in the pharmaceutical sector. Opsonin Pharma Ltd is committed to improve its position continuously as a Leading Pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh and strengthen its global presence. The company is now manufacturing 281 brands with 670 SKUs as Pharmaceutical finished products. We also manufacturing animal health products & consumer products under Agrovet Unit &Opsonin Consumer limited respectively.

Integrating the visionary imagination for basic industrial development in this country by our Founder Chairman Late Abdul Khaleque Khan, his successors have already established a number of innovative and import substitute industrial units mainly In pharmaceuticals and related sectors.

The seed that was planted in the year 1956 now has become a tree. The path we walked through was not a smooth and plain one. From the inception, we always believed in nation-building activities. Our cherished dream is to serve mankind, and the man behind the mankind. This dream has become a reality as a result of a thousand miles walk by few thousand people.

  • In the year of 1956, partnership business of Opsonin Chemical Industries started its journey
  • In the year of 1962, it started manufacturing of injectable
  • Then in 1976, it was enlisted as a private limited company
  • In 1980, it expanded nationwide marketing & distribution of medicines
  • In 1982, it started manufacturing of antibiotic capsules
  • In 1985, Opsonin started export of products to South East Asia and the Middle East
  • In 1996, started manufacturing of suppositories first time in Bangladesh
  • In 1997, started manufacturing of soft gelatin capsules
  • In 2000, Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd. obtained ISO 9001 certification
  • In 2003, Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd. developed its site and planning for new factory
  • In 2005, the name has changed from 'Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd.' to Opsonin Pharma Ltd.
  • In 2006, Opsonin Pharma Ltd. commenced construction of state-of-the art pharmaceutical formulations factory at Rupatoli, Barisal on 71 acres land
  • In 2010, introduced LVP (large Volume Parenteral) through dedicated world class manufacturing facilities
  • In 2011, it formulated Opsonin Group comprising five different concerns under the Leadership of Opsonin Pharma Ltd.
  • In 2012, it introduced Nasal Preparation in the market and followed by ophthalmic product in 2014